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If you need to remove one stump or many, our remote controlled Vermeer SC 552 diesel stump grinder is powerful enough for any size job at a low price you can afford. Stump grinding (stump cutting) is the preferred method of stump removal. Stump-grinding machines shave the stump continuously, again and again, until the depth and area required are met. Stumps are ground 6-8" below ground to ensure a smooth surface and to prevent regrowth. In addition to stump removal, we can arrange full service tree cutting and trimming.

Contact Huntsville Stump Removal at 256-603-8150 and we can help you turn big problems into affordable landscape solutions. We have a reputation for reliability and excellent customer service. Jobs are completed in a professional and timely manner.

We can remove stumps in hard to reach places.

Our self-propelled Vermeer SC 552 can operate in tight, difficult to reach spaces around homes, fences etc. It can even get through a 36" gate. However, this machine will not climb steps, retaining walls or operate on steep slopes in excess of 25 degrees.

Some of Our Completed Jobs

Before: Stump with 60" base

 Same grounds after stump removal

Monster stump and roots. . .

. . .cut down to size

Stump mound 110" across base

Job complete--nothing but mulch​

Large 5 ft tall stump before

Same stump after removal

Fire Wood
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