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--Huntsville Stump Removal

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  • Outstanding experience! Called Ted to have a smaller stump removed and didn't have much of an expectation to be a priority considering the small job it was. I wasn't in a huge hurry so I was fine with it. I'm sure it's just the person he is but Ted did a great job of making me feel as important as anyone else regardless of the size of the job. Very polite and did everything he said at the cost quoted. And timing? I called maybe three, four days ago and now I'm ready for grass! Even the clean-up after he was done was above my expectations. --E. Jones

  • Huntsville Stump Removal exceeded my expectations. They offer quality service at a great price. The equipment used was professional and met the needs of my work. The owner treated me with respect and kindness. I recommend this business and will call again if another stump needs removal.  --J. Rogers

  • The trees in the back yard had decided to grow big roots on top of the ground just to interfere with my mowing. It was time for action. Huntsville Stump Removal took care of the problem by grinding almost 1,225 feet of bone jarring roots. Great job!!! I am a happy camper again. Trees are happy, too. --C Sisk

  • I was preparing for a big backyard BBQ and wanted a stump removed. Not only did Mr. Smith remove the stump, it was level enough to plant grass for the party. No one knew a stump was ever there. Mr. Smith was prompt, professional and reasonable. I referred family, friends and coworkers and will definitely use this service again. --W. Savage

  • After calling around town for estimates for stump removal, I became overwhelmed with how I would have my stumps removed in a timely manner and at a reasonable price. Huntsville Stump Removal answered my prayers! I picked up the phone and gave them a call. Ted arrived at my home with a warm smile on his face and the job was done in a short period of time. He was very professional, knowledgeable, and friendly! Thanks again Ted! --L. Woods

  • Ted Smith did a great job grinding five or six stumps for me. He did a thorough job at a good price and I was able to plant grass with very little clean-up. --B. Dougan

  • I solicited several quotes and Mr. Ted Smith won my business. He was pleasant, professional, and walked me through the process of removal. He was prompt and efficient. He does wonderful work at a great price. I will be using him in the future for sure! I recommend him to anyone looking for a professional stump remover. Thank you Mr. Smith!!! --H. Oliver

  • Called this morning and Mr. Ted Smith was here at 1! I highly recommend. Friendly, professional and affordable. Great job. I am VERY pleased. --R. Smith

  • We've had previous experience with stump grinding, especially grinding of large Natchez and Muskogee crepe myrtles. Typically the grinding machine (A) only goes less than 3" below the surrounding surface (B) focuses on the core only versus the core plus surrounding roots and (c) leaves large chips of wood to clean-up. Invariably as a result, we fight a yearly battle with "volunteer" crep myrtles that spring forth from neglected roots. This was not the case with Ted Smith. His machine ground the 17" diameter core of a felled Muskogee to a depth of 10" - 12". In order to stifle unwanted root growth, Ted ground a circular area of 6 ft in diameter - all to the same depth. The resulting mix of wood and dirt was extremely fine in texture and was easly packed and distributed elsewhere. Lastly, Ted surrounded his machine in landscape fabric which protected our neighbor's property by successfully containing debris on our side of the fence. If value is the intersection of price and performance, we certainly got our money's worth with Ted Smith and Huntsville Stump Removal. --G. Quillivan

  • I called Ted to ask about having 3 or 4 stumps removed that were scattered around my yard and in various flower beds. He showed up on time, was very knowledgeable- I learned a lot about lawns and landscaping just talking to him, and he put up screens to block my house from the sawdust on the stumps that were close to the house. I would call Ted again in a heartbeat. --B. Sullivan

  • Ted's friendliness was so refreshing. He was on time and accomplished the task in minimal time. His charge was very reasonable for the job. I would highly recommend his services. --A. Wiggins

  • Ted, thank you for your complete attention to detail and working our grounds exactly as we needed. We have already laid sod in the locations to helped us with and it is beautiful! Thanks again and please feel free to use me as a reference. --V. L. H.

  • Ted did an awesome job. He was prompt, gave me a good estimate, was very careful about neighbors and safety and got the job done very well!!! --P. Batson

  • Not only did Ted do a very good job, but his presentation is great. Granted it is landscape related and can be very dusty, dirty and hot, but he shows up to the j ob on time, dressed neatly, and communicates in a professional manner. I personally have been working the landscape field for 35 as my career and I know the difference between a reliable company or not when I see it. --R. Redmon

  • So pleased with Huntsville Stump Removal? I would recommend to anyone. timely, efficient and very knowledgeable. Would not use anyone else now. --L. Woods

  • Ted, just wanted to thank you for a tough job very well done. It is a pleasure to have done business with you. Again, thank you--J. Potts

  • Some of my work was difficult to get to but Ted did a good job at a good price and went over and above what I expected. --M. Gainey

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