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We remove stumps and roots of all sizes and shapes

Most people are surprised how economical stump grinding is. There are several factors that determine the price: size of the stump, accessibility, and distance to the job site. Generally we charge by the inch based on the stump measurement illustrated below. Cost per inch varies by the size of the stump, location and difficulty of terrain. Our minimum fee is $150 for stump work. In addition to stump removal, we can arrange full service tree cutting and trimming.

As an example, it you have two stumps, one measuring 32" across and the other measuring 17" across the base for a total of 49", we would typically charge $3.00 X 49"=$147.00 for the total cost. Bids are priced to use equipment on grounds. Unless otherwise stated we cannot be responsible for underground lines, tanks, or other objects. There will be some damage to turf from work being done to the ground. Our price does not include repairing these damages. We are able to remove any surface roots at $2.00 per running foot. For example, if you have a 10' root running off the stump, it would cost $20.00 to remove.

We accept cash, checks, major credit cards, or money orders as payment for work completed.

For a free estimate on your particular job, call our office at 256-425-7844 or Ted Smith at (256) 603-8150.

How a Stump is Measured

Stumps are measured the across the widest point above ground area including roots.

      Measuring a stump and roots
for a customer.

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